Residential Systems

Carrier Residential Systems

The extreme heat of the UAE summer often meant sleepless nights and lost productivity during the day in earlier times. But that changed in 1902 when Willis Haviland Carrier developed the first modern AC system. This fundamentally transformed the way we worked, played and lived. With their long history and cutting-edge technology, Carrier knows how to design the perfect residential air conditioner units for every type of need. Here’s what sets Carrier’s home heating and cooling systems apart.

Incredible Comfort

Some brands offer just single flow home air conditioner units. This offers just On and Off settings for the airflow. But with Carrier, you can choose from two-stage models as well as variable speed central aircondition units for homes. These central ACs units for homes provide you much more control over the temperature, ensuring maximum comfort.

High Energy Efficiency

Carrier home heating and air conditioning systems are designed to be as energy efficient as they are reliable. So, be it central air conditioning or heat pumps, Carrier provides some of the lowest energy costs. Their most energy efficient whole house air conditioners come with SEER ratings of up to 26.

Indoor Air Quality

Unhealthy air can be present not only outside our homes, but inside it as well. This air can slowly take away years from our lives. To prevent this, Carrier offers a wide range of air quality enhancers among their home HVAC systems, such as ventilators, humidifiers, ultraviolet lamps, air filters and monitors.

Al Shirawi Enterprises is the official distributor of Carrier in the UAE. When you shop from us, you can be assured of getting only original products. You can also be assured of the best after sales services and genuine parts for home air conditioners. We have a team of well-trained technicians to take care of all your air conditioning needs 24/7. that are factory trained and certified. So, contact us for all home heating and cooling system needs.