TANA Land Fill Compactors

TANA waste management machines are built to work smoothly even in the toughest conditions and with the most difficult materials. TANA machines come with the latest technology and built-in intelligence, which makes operating them easy and comfortable. Their optimised design also ensures low fuel consumption and reduced operating costs.

TANA Waste Management Equipment Offered by Us

The TANA machines for waste management applications available at Al Shirawi include:

TANA Landfill Compactors

Since TANA is the only company in the entire world that manufactures landfill compactors, it has the best know-how of the industry. TANA compactors have a rigid, non-oscillating frame. This frame uses the machine weight through the crushing teeth and the full-width drums. This helps create a smooth and well compacted area.

Another advantage of TANA compactors is that they are always wide. On the other hand, other 4-wheelers leave space between the wheels uncompacted. This means with compaction trucks from other manufacturers, you might need to drive 1.5 to 2 times more. The TANA landfill compactor models offered by us include the E260/E320/E380/E450/E520.

TANA Shredders

The 220D/440D models of TANA waste shredder machines are available at Al Shirawi. These come with a diesel engine, and are hydraulically driven, low-speed, single shaft mobile shredders. These garbage shredders are perfectly suited for shredding most recyclable, recoverable and reusable materials. These shredders can be used for organic as well as inorganic waste. These green waste shredders come with wear resistant cutting knives and a counter twist rotor configuration. The rotor to screen clearance can also be fine-tuned. This helps the waste shredder create a small and homogeneous particle size.

Al Shirawi Enterprises has been the official partner of TANA in the UAE since 2004. We offer unmatched after sales services and genuine spare parts for TANA machines for waste management applications. This means that when you choose us, you can ensure that your running costs remain at a minimum. To know more about TANA landfill compactors and shredders for sale, contact us right away.