Oasis Investment Company (the holding company of Al Shirawi Group) whose success lies in the close business association between the families of Abdulla Al Shirawi and Mohan Valrani. Their commitment to OIC has allowed it to grow into one of the largest manufacturing, engineering, trading, marketing, distribution, contracting and service industries conglomerates in the Arabian Gulf. With headquarters in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, it now has more diverse operations in industrial and business fields than almost any other similar group in the region.

It has diversified into 45, major companies, some of which rank among the largest in the Middle East. All of these companies, each with several divisions and heterogeneous lines of specialization, play a key role in the Arabian Gulf Economy.

From it inception in 1971 as a trading and contracting company, OIC’s scope has broadened to encompass a whole cross-section of products, services and industries, while never forgetting its traditional strengths in trading.

This puts OIC in a perfect position to bridge the technology gap, bringing the best possible global resources to the doorstep of AGCC countries. The group has the unique distinction of having tie- ups with more than 100 multinational groups for technical licensing, distribution, servicing or trade representation.

Products and services include steel and metal fabrication, engineering, contracting for air-conditioning and refrigeration, water-proofing, interior decoration for commercial complexes and showrooms, printing, plastics, technical services, electronics and computers, trucks and heavy engineering products, industrial, consumer and food products.

Large investments have been made on the Group’s printing, fabrication, plastics, air-conditioning and water-proofing activities. New machines and industrial capacities have been created to meet an ever-growing customer need for quality products and services.

Each of the 45 Group companies is an independent profit center- decentralized and autonomous. They are manned by highly qualified employees: almost 20 percent of the company’s 6000 employees are MBA and degree holders and a large number have been trained at principals’ and manufacturers’ establishments overseas, OIC offers commitment beyond commercial norms, reflecting its pride and corporate responsibility.