Scania Industrial & Marine Engines

From pushing barges upstream to propelling planning vehicles, Scania industrial and marine engines can do it all. These automotive engines are used throughout the world due to their amazing power to weight ratio, immediate response and unmatched reliability. Scania offers 2 engine types, propulsion and auxiliary. The propulsion engines have an output range of up to 846kw, while the auxiliary engines offer an output range of up to 640kw. Both engines come in 9.3 litres, 12.7 litres and 16.4 litres displacement options.

What Makes Scania Marine Engines Stand Out

Some of the main features of Scania marine engines are:

Built for Heavy Work

Scania marine diesel engines offer great torque at low reps, instant response, and unmatched performance at all speeds. This makes it a natural choice for heavy loads. Also, the industrial and marine engines offer a flat power curve before the engine reaches maximum speed. This makes it much easier for designers to match the propeller and engine for optimised performance.

More Power with Less Fuel

Pushing a vessel through water is tough work, especially upstream. This leads to consumption of massive amounts of fuel. But Scania’s ship engines are renowned for their low fuel consumption, why complying with the emission standards.

High Uptime

The amazing engine construction quality, combined with high availability of genuine boat engine spare parts and easy servicing, ensures that Scania marine engines can always function optimally. This makes them a great choice for tugs, barges, pushers, fishing boats and similar applications.

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