Truck Refrigeration Units

Truck Refrigeration Units

The Carrier Transicold brand has been providing reliable, efficient, and sustainable transport refrigeration systems since 1970. Among Carrier’s products, Supra is one of the most popular ranges of truck refrigeration units. This range has been designed for distribution environments with multiple door openings.

The refrigerated trucks units available in this range at ASE are Supra 1250, Supra 1250 MT City, Supra 1150 Silent, Supra 1050, Supra 1050 Silent, Supra 1150 MT Silent, Supra 850, and Supra 750. Here are some of the main advantages of these diesel truck refrigeration units.

High Capacity

With the Supra range, you get a capacity ranging from 6,780 watts to up to 12.,000 watts. This means, whether you want a refrigeration unit for a small van or large box truck, you will find a suitable option. It also has new fans that improve the airflow by almost 24%. With this, the air management as well as temperature recovery improve. The use of a small compressor and a 7mm condenser ensures lower fuel consumption.

Accurate Temperature Control

These freezer units for trucks also offer precise temperature control at all points and superior pull down. It also has a wide range of evaporators with electric fans. This ensures a constant airflow which is not dependent on the engine speed.

These Reliable Design

Carrier semi trailer refrigeration units are designed to offer thousands of hours of operations, without any downtime. This is achieved with the help of a highly optimised design and the use of high-quality materials.

Other Benefits

Some of the other key benefits of the Supra range are:

  • Constant evaporator airflow
  • Robust design
  • Incredibly low-noise capabilities

At Al Shirawi Enterprises, we offer only original Carrier equipment, along with unmatched aftersales service. We have a team of certified and factory trained technicians who are ready to help you 24/7. Also, as we are the sole authorised distributor of Carrier Transicold in the UAE, we also offer genuine spare parts. Contact us to know more about Carrier truck and van refrigeration units for sale.