Weland Vertical Storage Solution – Compact Lift

Weland Vertical Storage Solution - Compact Lift

Weland Solutions AB is a global Swedish leading manufacturer of vertical storage solutions for warehouse and logistics. It designs and manufactures the most customized and optimized vertical storage lifts which magnifies the storage capacity in limited or confined spaces.

The flexibility in configuration of vertical storage lift allows its adaptability to premises construction’s limitations with best design which ensures highest picking speed of stored goods, ergonomics and speedy return of investment (ROI).

The product portfolio consists of below main models:

Weland Solutions AB always strives to deliver the most effective solutions to meet future demands of logistics for various industries with strict design standards & manufacturing procedures which guarantee efficient inventory management and long-life products.


Compact Lift suitable for both large volumes of small articles as for heavy and bulky products.


Compact twin handles two load trays simultaneously and the picking rate can be more than doubled. During the time the operator is working, the next load tray is collected, and it is quickly in place for the next pick.


Compact Double handles even more articles with its double depth trays. The concept is the same as Compact Twin except with an even more robust design.


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