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BOGE KOMPRESSOREN GmbH (Made in Germany) is the World-Class manufacturer of industrial compressors and compressed air systems.
A comprehensive service and maintenance program completes the BOGE advanced & wide portfolio which ensures reliable, clean compressed air for over 110 years. As a proprietor-run family business with its headquarters located in Bielefeld, Germany, BOGE has always focused on the high quality and efficiency of its compressors, resulting in the trust of over 100,000 users in more than 120 countries worldwide.

Compressed Air Systems

Compressed air to meet all requirements and fulfil the most exacting demands – this is what our precision-developed compressors and system solutions are known for.

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Compressed air is used in a highly diverse range of industries and in a multitude of different ways. Requirements pertaining to its quality and purity vary according to the area of use.

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Older compressor stations often operate inefficiently due to a lack of master controls. The result? Frequent downtime, during which electrical energy is consumed

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