Kirloskar Genuine Service

We are committed to serving customers worldwide : Kirloskar generating sets impressive market footprint demonstrates ASE ability to provide the products, services, and resources to our clients all over UAE. Kirloskar generating sets are sold and supported by network of ASE offices and workshops. This logistical configuration provides our clients with immediate attention for sales, service and support of our standardized and customized services power solutions.

  • Service network available all over UAE.
  • Service on call within 24 hours.
  • Services aimed at reduced down time.
  • Flexibility in services during emergency situations.
  • Fully equipped service center in Dubai.
  • Operations and maintenance contracts
  • Annual maintenance contracts (AMC)

The key to the quality of our after-sales service is our strong channel force, which is always ready to attend calls anywhere, anytime.

The ASE Service Team is here to serve your business and can be made available to suit your requirement wherever and whenever you need us, 24/7.

We also offer extensive training for your drivers on efficient, more profitable machine operation; and we can offer advice on how to increase your fleet.