Kirloskar Generating Sets

Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited has a 7-decade-long history of engineering highly reliable and powerful diesel engines and gensets. Annually, they produce over 12,000 generator sets and more than 225,000 diesel engines. Kirloskar offers water cooled generator sets from 20kva to 1010kva and air-cooled generator sets from 15kva to 70kva. Their engines are supplied to over 60 countries and used in more than 100 applications.

What Sets Kirloskar Apart

Kirloskar diesel gensets offers a number of internal as well as external features that makes them stand out.

External Features

  • These power back-up solutions come with an easy access door for radiator service.
  • The silencer is mounted insider the canopy. This lowers the sound level and improves safety.
  • The DG sets have a mesh on the exhaust pipe. This prevents entry of pests and rodents.
  • The silent gensets come with a top lifting arrangement. This makes lifting with a crane convenient.
  • The fuel tank of these 3 phase generators comes with an indicator lamp. This prevents fuel spillage.

Internal Features

  • The silent generators come with high quality door rubber beading. This leads to improved ingress protection and sound attenuation.
  • The exhaust line of these DG generators is also insulated, improving cooling efficiency and serviceability.
  • The small as well as large Kirloskar diesel generators come with a high efficiency LED lamp. These provide great illumination, while consuming less energy.
  • The rotating parts come with a guard, improving safety.
  • The diesel generator sets also come with a water separator as a standard feature.

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15 kVA - 30 kVA

15 kVA 30 kVA 1
15 kVA 30 kVA2

15 kVA - 30 kVA

40 kVA - 160 kVA

40 kVA 160 kVA2
40 kVA 160 kVA 1

40 kVA - 160 kVA

180 kVA - 250 kVA

180 kVA 250 kVA 1
180 kVA 250 kVA 2

180 kVA - 250 kVA

750 kVA - 1010- kVA

750 kVA 1010 kVA
320 kVA 625 kVA

320 kVA - 625 kVA