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Long Haulage Trucks

Long distance operations can be excruciatingly difficult for the driver as well as the vehicle. Schedules are tight, working hours are long and conditions tough. In such situations, Scania’s trucks, made with only the highest quality materials and cutting-edge technology, can be a great asset. These long haulage trucks are extremely reliable and comfortable, making even the most difficult operations seem easy.

The Scania Solution

Some of the features that makes Scania stand out from other large cargo haulage truck companies are:

Heavy Duty Powertrain

Scania cargo truck engines come with advanced combustion technology, highly efficient cooling technology and fuel injection. This ensures unmatched performance, with high torque, great fuel efficiency and low emissions.

Scania Opticruise

Scania Opticruise is one of the best automated gear changing mechanisms in the market. It is extremely smooth and smart. The trucks for cargo also come with lay-shaft brake, making gear changes faster and smoother.

Performance Modes

Scania cargo delivery trucks come with different modes, such as standard, economy, power, and off road. In these modes, the truck performance is altered according to the specific needs. Some provide better fuel economy, others more power.

Scania Active Prediction

Scania Active Prediction is an advanced cruise control system, which comes built in these big cargo trucks. In this, the topography of the path ahead is predicted using GPS technology. With this, the driver can attain perfectly optimised cruise speeds on new roads or even in low light conditions. The feature also helps reduce fuel consumption in cargo vehicles, by adjusting the speed before an ascent or descent.

At Al Sharawi, you only get genuine Scania long haulage trucks and spare parts, along with unparalleled after sales service. The diagnosis and repair operations at our workshops are only carried out by certified and factory trained technicians. We also have mobile service stations at your service 24/7. Contact us to know about the price of new cargo trucks and heavy haulage trucks for sale.

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