Tractors and Platform Trucks

Tractors and Platform Trucks

Looking for a new platform truck for sale? Choose from the range of smart and powerful electric tractors and platform trucks from STILL. These tractors and trucks can be used in shipyards, by aircraft and automobile makers as towing tractor , or even by the supplying industries. They are great for internally moving materials over medium as well as long distances.

Our Range of STILL Tractors and Platform Trucks

The STILL towing tractors and platform trucks offered by Al Shirawi Enterprises include:


LTX 20 / LTX-T 04

These towing tractor trucks come with narrow sides, offering easy drivability even in the tightest spaces. These heavy-duty towing trucks also have a low access step and spacious footwell. This makes them comfortable for the operator. Additionally, the towing trucks have integrated folding seats and a cushioned driver’s cab.

LTX 50 / LTX-T 06

These industrial towing tractor trucks are perfect choices if the driver needs to continuously mount and dismount the vehicle. These battery-operated towing trucks also come with multiple driving modes. This makes them suitable for any commercial area.


LTX 70 / LTX-T 08

With a maximum towing capacity of 5 tons, these industrial towing tractors and platform trucks make light work of the heaviest of goods. They also offer excellent driver comfort, a daytime LED driving light, and a modern vehicle design.

R07 / R08

These powerhouses are suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use. They have a towing capacity of 25 tons and a load capacity of 2 tons. They have an 80 V rotary current drive. This makes them high-performance and low maintenance. These towing tractors and platform trucks also have an electric hand brake for added safety.


LTX-FF 05-10

With this hydraulic lift towing tractor , stacking, towing and tugger train operations can be completed with ease. This towing tractor with forklift function has a towing capacity of up to 5,000 kg and load capacity of 500 kg. The towing tractor can also lift pallets up to 1,754 mm.

Al Shirawi is your most reliable partner. We offer services and parts as reliable as the equipment offered by STILL. We have been serving customers in the UAE for over 40 years. This gives us the technical knowledge, local know-how, and skill to offer exceptional customer services. Since we are the sole STILL distributor in the UAE, we ensure that you only get genuine STILL parts.

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