Transport Refrigeration

Transport Refrigeration

We live in a highly globalised world, where goods are constantly being transported from one end of the world to the other. But to receive these goods in the best condition, you need the right means of transportation as well. Certain goods can become useless if the right temperature and humidity levels are not maintained through the journey. This can include food items, drugs and pharmaceuticals, flora, chemicals, and other perishable cargo.

Freshness Promised

Carrier Transicold was formed in 1970, when Carrier acquired the California-based transport refrigeration equipment maker, Transicold Co. For almost 75 years, Carrier Transicold has been developing container refrigeration units that offer precise control over the temperature and humidity, preserving your cargo in the best condition. Carrier Transicold containers can precisely control temperatures from 0oC to +30oC and from 0oC to – 45oC.

Transport Refrigeration by Land

With the help of cutting-edge technologies, Carrier offers highly efficient container refrigeration truck and trailer systems. At the same time, the fuel consumption, noise levels and emissions of the trailer refrigeration units are kept to a minimum.

Transport Refrigeration by Sea

Carrier Transicold has been one of the most trusted names in marine and reefer container refrigeration for over 40 years. For some of the biggest shipping lines and leasing customers, they are the preferred supplier of reliable and innovative container refrigeration systems.

Cold Chain Monitoring and Logistics Security

With Sensitech®, you can easily manage and monitor the cold chain of the most temperature sensitive and perishable products. With this technology, you get complete visibility of the cargo, from the start till the end. This prevents product loss and maximizes product integrity.

Al Shirawi Enterprises was appointed the official distributor and dealer for Carrier Transicold in 2006 for the UAE. From 2016, we became the exclusive distributor of Carrier Transicold in the UAE. We manage sales and services for all Carrier Transicold products, through our branches across the emirates. So, if you want genuine Carrier Transicold products, along with genuine spare parts and incredible after sales services, look no further. Contact us to know more about the price of Carrier Transicold reefer container and refrigerated container for sale.

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