Commercial Systems

Carrier Commercial Air Conditioning Systems

Carrier offers air conditioning and heating services for commercial buildings. These units are known to be sustainable, efficient and reliable. Some of the standout aspects of Carrier’s commercial HVAC systems are:

Comprehensive Solutions

Whether the project requires designing and setting up an HVAC system for a skyscraper or retrofit an existing structure, Carrier offers solutions for every need. The commercial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units are even being used to preserve 500-year-old Michelangelo art masterpieces. Carrier has the engineering and technological expertise to deal with all types of projects.

Superior Installation and Services

The superior quality and performance of Carrier commercial AC units makes partnering with them an easy decision. They also offer great commercial HVAC maintenance and building control. This helps bring down costs and improve efficiency of the commercial aircon. Carrier also offers other services for improving performance, such as vibration testing, remote monitoring, and thermal imaging.

Green Buildings

Buildings are responsible for 40% of the energy consumption worldwide. Carrier has been working towards bringing this number down with their innovative commercial building HVAC systems. Carrier is one of the founding companies of the US Green Building Council (USGBC). This means that they are one of the pioneers of green building. They serve as consultants for some of the leading green building projects in the world. Through the Carrier University Institute for Sustainability, they provide green building education and training services to employees and customers across the world.

When you get commercial AC units for sale from Al Shirawi Enterprises, you can be assured of getting only genuine products, along with exceptional after sales service. We ensure that your commercial building HVAC system works efficiently for many years to come. For this, we offer high quality services, regular maintenance, and genuine Carrier commercial AC spare parts. Contact us to know more about the prices of Carrier commercial air conditioners.