STILL Material Handling

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Warehouse handling equipment

Low lift pallet trucks - practical and convenient.
Not only does STILL provide class-leading order picker/stacker trucks, but pedestrian low-lift pallet trucks as well. Our low lift pallet trucks take their load and lift it clear of the floor for transport. For pedestrian operation the low lift pallet trucks are tiller controlled. Want the driver to ride on the truck? No problem! For rider operation there are low lift pallet trucks with a side seat or driver's stand on platform. [ More Details ]

High lift pallet trucks – that like to outreach themselves
Efficient stacking is always a question of level - in this case the highest of all! The STILL high lift pallet truck is master of its trade. From perfect racking service up to the efficient loading and unloading of lorries. Even difficult application conditions do not become a burden.

In short: STILL high lift pallet trucks gladly bear the responsibility [ More Details ]

Order pickers – Our professionals for every dimension!
STILL offers the right equipment for both low level and high-level order picking. But it doesn't stop at order picking, because our order pickers are also suitable for tasks such as horizontal transport or moving pallets into and out of stock[ More Details ]

Warehouse trucks - Innovation at every level
STILL warehouse trucks ensure trouble-free transport. From lifting, putting into and taking out of stock and also order picking of your goods - with STILL warehouse trucks your load is never a burden.[ More Details ]

Order picking stacker trucks from STILL - Innovation at every level
They promise to lift: our order picking stackers are industrial trucks with a lifting operating platform, and can be used both as order pickers and also for putting load units into and out of stock.

For this purpose, the lifting operating platform, the driver's cab, is integrated into the mast with the load handling equipment. In high warehouses these compact [ More Details ]