STILL Material Handling

High performance has a long tradition at STILL.

What the company founder Hans Still set in motion in 1920 with great creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and quality, has developed into one of the most innovative suppliers of a complete range of forklift trucks, platform trucks, tractors, plus the latest warehouse handling equipment and forward looking services.

Today, in Europe alone, more than 6000 qualified employees from Research and Development, Production, Marketing and Service are involved in meeting the requirements of our customers all over the world.

The key to the company's success is highly efficient products, stretching from complete solutions for specific industries, for large and small operations, right up to computerised logistics programs for effective warehouse and material flow management.


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Counter balanced forklift trucks.

Diesel & LP Gas forklifts trucks

IC trucks: From 1.6 to 8.0 t - everything is covered
Economical and powerful: the IC engined trucks from STILL. From compact right up to powerful, the diesel and LP Gas trucks provide precisely the right machine for any application! Innovations make it easy for any driver: all IC engine trucks in the RX 70/R 70 range are extremely easy to operate - and to drive!

Man and machine in perfect teamwork: STILL ensures that using the truck is untiring and safe. Thus, the wide steps are easily visible from above and the seat is designed to protect the back in accordance with ergonomic findings. Added to this, the intelligent cockpit electronics help the driver concentrate on his work without stress.

1.6 ton - 2.0 ton

The intelligent control and drive technology makes the small R 70 a particularly manoeuvrable truck, characterised by its high safety level, low maintenance requirement, long life and low operating costs. Added to this, because its speed adjusts automatically to the load, the powerful engine, whether diesel or LP Gas, has extremely low fuel consumption and very low noise output. [ More Details ]

2.2 ton - 3.5 ton

At long last - one that does not lose adhesion in spite of its strength.
The RX 70 is an extremely robust forklift truck which, despite its high strength, is extremely safe to use and very sensitive to operate. Thanks to its electronically regulated drive the truck is highly manoeuvrable. “Foot off the gas braking ”ensures the RX 70 is safely brought to a standstill when the operator removes his foot from the gas pedal - even on a gradient. The electric brake is very practical in operation, reducing handling time and increasing throughput. It is also wear- free, reducing downtime and service costs. [ More Details ]

4.0 ton - 4.5 ton

R 70 FOR 4.0 – 5.0 T: A STRONG ONE!
It clears anything away quickly: This R70 displays its unequalled strength in technical details and because it’s from STILL, it goes without saying that this R 70 will also adapt to the widest variety of applications.

Also, if required, there is an LP Gas engine (with 3-way catalyst) for this R 70, making it particularly suitable for use in the food and drinks industry. In short: perfect prerequisites made to measure for any task and any driver. [ More Details ]

6.0 ton – 8.0 ton

THE R 70 FOR 6.0 · 7.0 · 8.0 T.
The big R 70 bristles with technical refinements to face the biggest challenges. It is powerful, yet compact and precise, and with far fewer wearing parts than usual. Unlike conventional transmissions with many wearing parts, torque conversion on the R 70 is achieved through an electric motor. In addition to this the R 70 brakes electro-magnetically and wear-free – from full speed right down to a standstill. Hydraulic disc brakes provide additional safety. Thanks to the electronic controller, inching and plugging is also much simpler: without an inching pedal the driver can drive smoothly and slowly and simultaneously hoist and tilt quickly.

For safety: trucks with an 8.0 t capacity come as standard with dual wheels at the front (a narrow track width optional). These can be supplied on request on trucks of 6.0 t and 7.0 t capacity. [ More Details ]